Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver | 7-10 March 2013, Singapore



Time 7th June 2013, Friday – Programme Day 1
0730-0815 EMW 1-1 Immuno-suppression in Liver Transplant EMW1-2 Difficult HCV EMW 1-3 Managing Portal Hypertension
0800-1000 Opening Ceremony Welcome & Conference Opening Speech Congress Lecture
1000-1030 Coffee Break / Poster Viewing / Exhibition WHO: Global Hepatitis Network Launch
1000-1030 Congress Special Lecture: SOA: The Burden of Viral Hepatitis In Asia Pacific
1030-1200 Congress Plenary (I) – Clinical CT1-1: Personalised Treatment of HBV MD1-1: What is “Advanced Chronic Liver Disease”? CT1-2: New Paradigms in HCV CT1-3: Autoimmune/ Cholestatic Liver Diseases
1200-1330 Satellite Symposium SSL-1-1
Satellite Symposium SSL-1-2
Satellite Symposium SSL-1-3
(Boehringer Ingelheim)
Poster Viewing / Exhibition
1400-1430 CT 1-4: HCC RT 1-1: Hepatitis Flare: Where, When, Why? MD1-2: Strategies of Augmenting Liver Regeneration SOA-1: The Promise of Interferon-free Treatment – Dream or Reality? CT1-5: Management of Liver Transplantation
1500-1530 SOA-2: NASH – How Big is the Problem?
1530-1600 Coffee Break / Poster Presentation / Exhibition
1600-1730 Oral Session (I) – HCV CT 1-6: Hepatitis B in Special Population MD1-3: Non-invasive Assessment of Liver Fibrosis: The Good, the Bad and the Lousy CT1-7: Difficult to Treat HCV Populations RT1-2: Understanding NASH Through Epidemiology and Research
1730-1900 Satellite Symposium SSD-1-1
Satellite Symposium SSD-1-2
Satellite Symposium SSD-1-3
1900-2200 Faculty Dinner (by invitation only)


Time 8th June 2013, Saturday – Programme Day 2
0730-0830 EMW 2-1
Difficult HBV
EMW 2-2
Treating NASH
EMW 2-3
Acute Liver Failure
0830-1000 Challenges of Liver Disease in Asia Pacific SOA-3: HCC Management in Era of Molecular Medicine Congress Plenary (II) – Research MD2-1: Liver Stem Cells – Hope for the Near Future AoCLF: Acute on Chronic Liver Failure CEV-HAP
1000-1030 Coffee Break / Poster Viewing / Exhibition
1030-1100 SOA-4: HBV Treatment – Past, Present and Future RT 2-1: HCC Research MD2-2: Strategies of Augmenting Liver Regeneration APASL-EASL Joint Symposium: New Trends and Old Dogma in Portal Hypertension CT2-1: Viral Hepatitis -When it is not Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C Oral Session (II) – HBV
1100-1130 SOA-5: Acute on chronic liver failure
1200-1330 Satellite Symposium SSL-2-1 (Gilead) Satellite Symposium SSL-2-2 (MSD) Satellite Symposium SSL-2-3 (BMS)
1330-1400 Poster Presentation (III) / Exhibition
1400-1430 SOA-6: SCS Lecture – Chronic Hepatitis B REVEALed CT 2-2: Liver Disease – When it is Not Viral Hepatitis MD2-3: Approach to Small Liver Nodule in Cirrhotic Patients CT2-3: Practical Management of HBV APASL-IAC Joint Symposium Oral Session (III): Clinical – HCV new treatment
1430-1500 SOA-7: What physicians need to know about hepatobiliary surgery
1500-1530 SOA-8: Beyond beta blockers in Portal Hypertension
1530-1600 Coffee Break / Poster Presentation / Exhibition
1600-1630 CT2-4: Personalised Management of HCV RT 2-2: Frontiers in Portal Hypertension MD2-4: Complex Multi-Disciplinary Liver Cases Oral Session (IV): Basic Science APASL-AASLD Joint Symposium Oral Session: Late Breakers
1730-1900 Satellite Symposium SSD-2-1
Satellite Symposium SSD-2-2
Satellite Symposium SSD-2-3
1900-2200 Cultural Night (by invitation only)